We Have Songs!

We have received some fine song submissions. Out of this pool of original  compositions, only one will be selected to be recorded as part of our Americana Phase I Proof of Concept Project. Our Board Members have begun reviewing all submissions and and will ultimately choose which song will be our Americana tune for 2018! The name of the songwriter and the song’s title will be announced May 21st.

Once the song is selected, next steps include determining what vocals and instruments are needed to help make our production the best it can be. Then, musicians based out of Maryland and Colorado will be selected. Finally, it is on to the recording, mixing and mastering. We will apply a hybrid recording strategy with the cooperation of musicians and supporting partner institutions! We are loosely scheduled to record the song mid-to-late Summer, depending on logistics.

Visit us over the next few weeks to learn more about our wonderful musicians, our unique recording strategy, and get ready to hear our first recorded work! 2018 is a big year for Global Z!

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