Tech Dry Run Underway in Maryland

This past weekend, we were hosted by The Hampton Inn & Suites on Opossumtown Parkway in Frederick, in order to test our virtual communication and recording technologies.




We utilized The Hampton’s Belmont Room as our session Live Room, and interfaced virtually to Dr. Jon Cresci ‘s Control Room in Towson, MD.

The session proved to be highly informative and – while a tech bug or two remain to be tweeked – was largely successful. Next weekend, we test between our Live Room at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ Ent Fine Arts Center, and Jon’s Maryland-based Control Room!

Many thanks to our gracious hosts for accommodating our tech dry run!

We Welcome The Hampton Inn & Suites as a New Sponsor

We are honored to have a new sponsorThe Hampton Inn & Suites.  A special nod of thanks to Reba Beaver, Director of Sales at the Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD location for working with Global Z! In my personal and professional travels, I always default to staying at The Hampton Inn, as I know I  can count on a great stay and exceptional customer service.

Recording Dates Are Set!

Here we go, folks! Recording dates are locked in!

We have a Live Room in Frederick, MD, one in Colorado Springs, and a Control Room in Towson, MD. We will be recording our Frederick-based sessions September 29-30, and our Colorado Springs session October 6.

Some very cool stuff evolving behind the scenes I will report on soon 🙂