Who We Are

History & Operations

The Global Z Recording Project was founded by Executive Director & President, Dr. William Lord. the organization formally filed articles of corporation with the state of Colorado, August 2014. The organization received nonprofit 501 (c)(3) status February 2015. Dr. Lord relocated to the state of Maryland, and restructured the organization as a Maryland-based nonprofit corporation April 2017.


Dr. William (Bill) Lord
Founder, Executive Director and President
Occupation: Senior Training Specialist, ISD & Distance Learning
Employer: USDA

Dr. Lord is the Executive Director and President. He holds a Doctorate in Adult Education, Training & Development – International Communication and has a MA in Educational Media, Media Production – Distance Learning. He grew up and began playing music at the age of five in  Woodstock, New York. He has been in regional bands, has extensive experience with audio production equipment and processes, and is an award-winning commercial/ fine art photographer and songwriter. Currently, Bill is employed as a Senior Training Specialist with the US Department of Agriculture. Previously, he worked in the field of higher education for almost 20 years where he consulted with faculty on matters pertaining to instructional design, multicultural online learning, distance education, and educational technologies. In all capacities he produced multimedia-based support materials and developed international partnerships via Internet-based communication tools. Research interests include exploring the use of computer-mediated communication technologies in the multicultural, multilingual online learning environment, and Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

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Mr. Bradley Plesz Bradley Plesz playing drums
Chairman of the Board and Secretary
Occupation: Audiovisual Program Manager
Employer: University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Mr. Bradley Plesz is a percussionist, audio engineer, and educator. He is currently an Audiovisual Program Manager at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and holds a BA in Music Performance from Appalachian State University. He was awarded first place in the Concerto Aria Competition and placed “finalist” in the Rosen-Schaffel Young Artist Competition and the Hayes Young Artist Scholarship Competition. Along with his classical training, he marched in Division 1 Drum and Bugle Corp as a member of the 2010 Boston Crusaders Snare Drum Line. Mr. Plesz has served in various capacities as an audio engineer including providing live-sound reinforcement for concerts, technical seminars, comedy shows, telematic concerts, and political debates. He is also trained in production stage-lighting and video production and is proud to have coordinated the 2014 Colorado Gubernatorial and Mayoral Debates. Mr. Plesz is currently endorsed by Soultone Cymbals.

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Dr. Jonathan Cresci
Director of Audio Production
Occupation: Producer, engineer, performer and educator
Chief Musical Officer: Fundamental Sounds
Employer: Independent Record Label & Audio Production Company; Frederick Community College; Montgomery College

Jonathan maintains a career as a producer, engineer, performer and educator. He has performed and lectured at the Southeastern Horn workshop at Appalachian State and International Horn Symposiums in San Francisco and Denton.  He is a member of the Artist Faculty for the National Trumpet Competition.  Jonathan has given recitals and master classes at the University of Memphis, York College, and the Peabody Institute.  He has performed with the Acadiana and Lake Charles Symphonies, Chorale Acadiane, Orpheum Theater, York Symphony, Maryland Chamber Orchestra, and The Mt. Vernon Brass Consort. Jonathan is a panelist at the Music and Gaming Festival.  Through his company, Fundamental Sounds, Jonathan has recorded Chris Gekker, the Maryland Symphony, and the Prince Georges Philharmonic.  He has also recorded and produced albums including Greg Small’s “Singularity” and Kyle Millsap’s “Scatter the Darkness”. Jonathan is Adjunct Professor of Music for Audio Production at Frederick Community College, faculty at Montgomery College.  His areas of scholarship are natural trumpet performance, trumpet pedagogy, recording arts and science, and American popular music.  Dr. Cresci earned a doctoral degree from the University of Memphis, a master’s degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and a bachelor’s degree from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University in both trumpet performance and recording arts and sciences.

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Mr. Anpao Duta Flying Earth                                                               
Director of Indigenous Initiatives
Occupation: Executive Director of the NACA Inspired Schools Network
Employer: NACA Inspired Schools Network

Anpao Duta Flying Earth is the cofounder and current executive director of the NACA Inspired Schools Network (NISN), a network that assists communities in implementing structures of Indigenous education. Duta is a co-founder and former executive director of the Native American Community Academy (NACA), a charter school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is also an traditional Indigenous music drummer & singer. As Executive Director of NACA & NISN, Duta has been instrumental in representing NACA & NISN as premiere examples of indigenous education nationwide. Both programs are designed to prepare students for higher learning, ground students in culture & identity, and deliver holistic wellness to ensure community transformation through young people. He has been named a Pahara Next Gen fellow, a Pahara-Aspen fellow, as well as a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network fellow. Duta grew up on Standing Rock Reservation in South and North Dakota. He is Lakota, Dakota, Ojibwe, and Akimel O’odham. Duta is the youngest of three siblings and a third-generation college graduate. He graduated from Cornell University with a B.A. in Government and earned a Master’s in Business Administration as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at the University of New Mexico. Duta finds grounding in his identity and upbringing on Standing Rock, responsibility to his community, and expression of culture and language. His mother and grandmother raised him to not see his life as either culture or academic success but both and much more. This is the model he seeks to support and nurture.

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Mr. Alex Floor                                                               
Director of Information Technology
Occupation: Senior Manager of Network Engineering
Employer: Intersection

Alex is a lifelong technologist with a formal career in Information Technology beginning in 2001. He is currently a Senior Manager of Network Engineering at Intersection, an ad-tech company. While there, he has cheerfully connected people, workplaces, and products to the internet and each other, and has kept it all secure, even through a global pandemic. Alex has also helped bring free Wi-Fi to cities around the world including London, New York, Philadelphia, and New Rochelle. Growing up in a musical family, music has always been a part of his life, . Alex has written songs which have prompted articles in the online publication Indie Rock Cafe. He has practiced classical guitar with Michael Cioffero, and songwriting with Bess Rogers.

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Mr. Serge Orloff                                                    Serge Orloff headshot
Director of Marketing
Occupation: Managing Director – Marketing
Employer: Eagle Web Solutions

Serge is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in software engineering, adult education, employment counseling, and sales. He has worked for well-known brands such as GMC and Audi, and has been a successful salesperson throughout his career. In 2020, Serge became the managing director at Eagle Web Solutions, a marketing agency that serves small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries. He has also been a contractor for Universal Music since 2019. Serge has a strong background in music, particularly in the electronic genre. He has had a song chart during the Winter Olympics and has experience scoring films, including feature, independent, and documentary films. He also ran his own music school for five years, teaching music arrangement and composition to adult students. Currently, he is working on his own cinematic downtempo project.

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Our Exceptional Subject Matter Expert Volunteers

Global Z has attracted interest and assistance from more than 20 Subject Matter Expert Volunteers from leading institutions of higher learning and peace education located across North America and around the globe. We are actively recruiting additional volunteers to expand the cultural diversity of our experts. Please see People and Partners for more information.