Collaborators & Subject Matter Experts

Partnerships & Subject Matter Expert Volunteers

We are proud to have established various levels of collaborative support with the following highly respected institutions and acclaimed subject matter expert volunteers:

Music Industry & Business Advisors

  • David Wiener (former owner of Aphex) – current CEO of Respect The Music Foundation; David Wiener Ventures; DWV Entertainment; 7 Tunnels
  • Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation – Jean Lachowicz & Ed Vigdor

Music Industry Educational Consultants

  • Penn State Law’s Arts, Sports, & Entertainment Law Clinic

Audio Engineering Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Cresci – Fundamental Sounds Recording & Production

Community Partners

  • Colorado Springs Conservatory – Amber Marek
  • Colorado Works/Workfare Work Experience – El Paso County
  • Digital Maryland  – Jodi Hoover
  • Frederick Children’s Chorus – Lee Fuhr
  • Frederick Community College: Audio Production – Dr. Jonathan Cresci
  • Maryland State Library – Tamar Sarnoff
  • Maryland State Archives  – Emily Oland Squires
  • Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
  • North Bethesda Middle School Chorus – Jason McFeaters 
  • National Public Radio: WYPR  – Catherine Tucker
  • The Academy for the Fine Arts-Frederick County Public Schools – Jonathan Kurtz
  • University of Denver: Sturm College of Law – Community Economic Development Clinic
  • Urbana Regional Library – Tara Lebherz

Organizational Partnerships

  • American University: School of International Service – Stephanie Fischer
  • Aspen Institute: Center for Native American Youth– Nikki Pitre
  • Eastern Carolina University: Global Partners in Education – Dr. Jami Leibowitz
  • George Mason University School of Law: Arts and Entertainment Advocacy Clinic –  Dr. Sandra Aistars
  • Harvard University: Recording Artist Project Clinic –  Sam Koolaq
  • International Education for Peace Institute – Canada – Dr. H. B. Danesh
  • National Congress of American Indians
  • Native American Community Academy – Anpao Duta Flying Earth
  • Towson University: Educational Technology & LiteracyDr. Mahnaz Moallem
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Bachelor of Innovation Program – Dr. Jenifer Robertson
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Music Program – Dr. Glen Whitehead
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Visual and Performing Arts Program
  • University of New Mexico: Organization, Information & Learning Sciences – Dr. Damien Sanchez 

Subject Matter Experts

  • Dr. Terry Anderson – Athabasca University (Canada), Centre of Distance Education
  • Berklee College of Music’s Global Strategy and Innovation Program – Jason Camelio
  • Blue Mountain Tribe – NAMMY Award-Winning Rock and Blues Band
  • Wade Fernandez – NAMMY Award-Winning Musician and Producer
  • Antonio Garcia – Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Music
  • Dr. James Honeycutt – University of Texas at Dallas – Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Consulting Program; LSU Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Glenn Hubbard – Eastern Carolina University, Communication Department
  • Dr. Laurence Kaptain – Dean of the College of Arts and Media, University of Colorado Denver
  • Dr. Kelly Laurila – Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada), Social Work
  • Dr. Kate McCarthy – California State University – Chico, Comparative Religion Program
  • Dr. Jeff Nytch – University of Colorado Boulder, Entrepreneurship Center for Music
  • Gerry Pedraza – Texas A&M University, Senior Instructional Designer & Technology Specialist
  • Dr. Lauren Ronsse – Columbia College Chicago, Audio Arts & Acoustics Program
  • Dr. Emily Joy Rothchild – University of Pennsylvania, Ethnomusicology Program
  • Teresa Valais – University of Maryland Baltimore County, Instructional Designer/Digital Learning
  • Danielle Williams – Music educator, composer, conductor, musician, international collaborator, and peace-maker

Scholarly Research Opportunities

Projects conducted by Global Z provide potential research opportunities that might advance a variety of related fields including musicology; peace studies; ethnomusicology; sociology; distance learning; instructional design; communities of practice; democratic principles; comparative religion; social learning; linguistics; computer-mediated communication; inter-cultural communication; music industry; digital audio production; acoustics; artist development; and cultural-historical activity theory. We welcome inquiries by academicians interested in exploring such opportunities and invite you to reach out to us via the  CONTACT US page.