January 6th, 2021. It is a sad day.

The world watched as mayhem, violence and destruction took center-stage in Washington, DC. 24 hours later, I find myself stunned and still in a state of disbelief.

The Global Z Recording Project is based just north of Washington. We stand for civility, respect, democratic principles, treating each other with dignity, and we embrace our cultural differences. We know and value the differences and unique perspectives each individual brings to the world. We cannot accept the violence and rage on display January 6th. We give peace a chance through music.

I hope the destructive events of yesterday at our nation’s Capitol serve as a catalyst for each of us to look inward. Let’s use this time to reflect on who we are, how we view life, how we view others different from ourselves, and how we resolve issues that prove contrary to our own philosophies.

It is clear, violent actions delivered as part of a mob mentality is not the way to go. These were not acts of freedom or democracy. These are not the principles on which the United States were founded. I ask you all to stand with us and find the peace within. Solve differences with dialogue, not with pain, physical harm, heartbreak and destruction.