On This Celebratory Day, We Give Thanks

We feel particularly fortunate this year. In the Spring, we restructured the organization in the Great State of Maryland. We developed new partnerships and attracted a couple of awesome sponsors. We have been in operation for more than 3 years and have acquired all the equipment necessary to launch Phase I. And now, after years of research, planning, doing, and collaboration, Phase I is underway.

To our past and current Board members, our past and  current Subject Matter Experts, our past and current partners, I humbly extend my thanks for believing in what we are about, what we have achieved to date, and what we seek to achieve. Our mission is a humble one and I am honored to be working alongside such talented and caring people.

We give thanks to all who appreciate great music and share in the mission to spread peace and understanding from person to person, culture to culture.  Peace.

Phase I Maryland Americana Songwriting Contest is LIVE!

After many hours of collaboration, work and planning by a number of fine volunteers, the day is upon us! Global Z’s Phase I Maryland Americana Songwriting Contest is live!

To find out more about this ground-breaking contest, please check out our Phase I web page. Deadline to receive all submission is December 15!

Musicians, you will be next! If you dig playing Americana music and you are a student based in MD, keep you eyes open for a call for auditions.

My thanks to everyone involved to make this launch a reality.

New Partnership with FCC Audio Production Program

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Dr. Jonathan Cresci, Director of Frederick Community College’s Audio Production Program. Dr. Jon and his students are assisting us in a huge way. They are conducting microphone character analyses on the microphones in our ‘mic locker.’ Essentially, they will record a variety of instruments using the microphones we have access to and document their findings on how the mics respond to each task. This data is extremely useful, as it will help us anticipate what mics we might choose when we have a need to record a particular family of instruments. As Phase I is now open (and there was much rejoicing!), we will be able to put this knowledge to immediate and long term use. Thanks FCC, Dr. C, and Audio Production students!