Phase I Pre-Launch Underway

It is getting exciting around here! Our Instructional Designers Teresa and Gerry have dug in and have begun building out the course virtual shell. We are mapping out what the virtual course experience will look like, and making plans to run a characteristics analysis on our microphones with our audio engineering advisor, Dr. Jon. Essentially, we want to test our microphones on instruments and vocal styles that are commonly used in Americana music so that when we are ready to record our musicians, we have a pretty good idea of which mic or mics to reach for.  Bradley and I have assembled an extensive list of schools and musical programs across the State of Maryland. Using this list, we will invite Maryland-based music students and songwriters to audition for Phase I. We have our sights on Fall for a project launch!

Phase I Proof of Concept Genre and Location Defined

After much consideration, research, and discussion, it has been decided to have Americana serve as our first genre of music! In addition, we are limiting participation to K-12 and higher education students who are either permanent residents of Maryland, or enrolled in a school based in Maryland. Maryland has historically rich Americana music roots, so it makes perfect sense to have the genre and state be glued together and serve as the underpinnings for our Proof of Concept Project! It is about to get crazy busy around here…