Global Z Accepted in USA Today’s ‘A Community Thrives Challenge’

The Global Z Recording Project has been accepted to participate in USA Today’s ‘A Community Thrives’ Fundraising Challenge! Through the challenge, our goal is to raise $60,000 with which we will run our Phase II Project.

Our North America Native Music Project is quite humbling.

One out of three Native youth live in poverty and suffer from a wide range of personal, socio-cultural challenges including single motherhood, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, and substance abuse, joblessness, failing educational systems, inadequate healthcare, violence against women and children, and an epidemic of youth suicide in Native communities.

Music plays a spiritual and healing role in the Native cultures. You can see the potential impact we might have by taking this Project to youth who are truly in need.

Help us purchase and provide audio production and video equipment to the Native musicians via donation. This Project will shine a spotlight on incredibly talented Native student musicians across the US and Canada. With your help. we can provide them with a chance to create cross-Tribal friendships, create an extended support network, provide a source of healing, and give them a way to have a public voice and be acknowledged for their musical expertise. You can help instill a sense of pride and value.

Please spread the word about our challenge and the good work we are doing so that others may learn about Global Z, and, so we might expand our range of potential donors.

Announcing Our Phase II North America Native Music Project

Our 2019 Phase II North America Native Music Project takes the power of virtual audio production to Tribal reservations and Native American Tribal communities across North America! Pivoting off of lessons learned from our Phase I Proof of Concept Project, we are opening up participation to all Native student musicians enrolled in a school that focuses or has a history of serving Native American communities.

There is much more to announce, so stay tuned!