Behind The Scenes Progress

This Winter has been crazy with late March and early April snows. Spring has finally arrived in Maryland, and along with the promise of flower blossoms, fresh green leaves, and lawns that need mowing, Global Z has been busy with our partner institutions moving our mission forward.

Our two UCCS BI student teams have been doing amazing work that I am looking forward to releasing to the public in a month or so. Meanwhile, the FCC Audio Production students have been conducting more microphone characteristics analyses which have been revealing some surprising results!

We have also altered our Phase I song submission requirements in order to have access to a wider range of works to choose from by enlisting the assistance of the amazing artistic community at Just Plain Folks.

So, there has been lots of work going on behind the scenes these past few months and May through July promises to produce some exciting developments!

A huge nod of thanks to the staff, profs, students, and artists at UCCS BI, FCC Audio Production, and Just Plain Folks!

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