Welcome to the Board, Serge Orloff!

The Global Z Recording Project is proud to welcome Serge Orloff to our Board of Directors, as Director of Marketing and Social Media. Serge brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to Global Z. He is a musician, an expert of Audiomover’s virtual recording technology solutions including Listento and Omnibus, and has extensive experience working and leading in the fields of marketing and social media. Welcome, Serge! We are glad and fortunate to have you as part of our team! 

Episode 29 – Go Your Own Way: Why Bands Break Up (Part Two) is Live!

Episode 29 – Go Your Own Way: Why Bands Break Up (Part Two) of ‘From A To Global Z‘ explores why musicians elect to leave a band. Equipped with these 19 reasons, this knowledge may be beneficial to any musician in calculating when it is time to move on to greener band pastures, or, it can be used in deciding who to partner with while forming or joining in a new musical adventure! For ‘Mic Talk Time,’ we give a listen to Warm Audio’s WA-47jr.

Frederick County ARPA Nonprofit Community Health and Recovery (ANCHR) Grant

Many thanks to Frederick County for providing us with an ARPA Nonprofit Community Health and Recovery Grant. These funds will be applied to daily operations and allow us to replace an 8-year old computer that is on it’s last circuits! We are working on finalizing agreements on an extremely cool project in the works designed to specifically serve the student musicians of Frederick County. Stand by, there is some really exciting stuff on the horizon!