An Exercise in Transparency: Phase I Proof of Concept Equipment Update

To date, the biggest stumbling block to our projects’ forward progress has been acquiring the needed funds to purchase equipment and run the organization. In Colorado, we initially sought to raise over $30,000 in grant money to conduct Phase I. We were able to receive limited financial successes through grants from Wells Fargo and Target. While we applied for numerous local, regional, and national grants, our financial goals of $30,000 were far from realized.

Locating the organization to the East Coast will have a definite impact on how we might acquire grants, equipment, and operational funds. Grant money was hard to come by, and we learned from the experience.  The Board of Directors has approved a new strategy that will allow us to conduct our Phase I Proof of Concept project on a ‘shoestring’ budget. I am purchasing the audio production gear necessary to will allow us to complete our proof of concept using personal funds, and loaning the equipment out to Global Z. The purchase of this gear is about 90% complete. Once all of the necessary gear has been secured, we can move forward with making the necessary connections that will allow us to get Phase I underway.

Through these successes, we hope to attract the funding necessary that will allow us to operate in the black for future years to come. 2017-2018 will undoubtedly be exciting years for Global Z!

A New Home for The Global Z Recording Project

Global Z’s home office has relocated from Colorado to Maryland!

Our organization got its start in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. While we loved calling Colorado Springs home, life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs our way. Such has been the case with my career. After working for many years in the field of higher education, I accepted an incredible job with the US Department of Agriculture, in Maryland. As a result, this Spring with the Board’s approval, I dissolved Global Z’s organizational structure in Colorado, and formally set up shop in Maryland.

While I miss being close to the incredible beauty of the Rockies and the network we established in Colorado, it is exciting to be based in a state with lush, rolling hills, an amazing history, and to have access to our nation’s capitol. It is equally great to be within a few hour’s drive to several major metropolitan East Coast cities.

Actually, the organization is still well anchored to our original roots. Our Chairman of the Board – Bradley Plesz – remains in Colorado and will continue to help move Global Z forward as we carve out a path that takes us across the country and eventually the globe. We have also received word that one of our significant Colorado partners wishes to continue playing an active role in our growth. So, all in all, things are looking great!

Stay tuned for more news, as it will surely develop as we continue to spread our roots and develop a new East Coast network…