On The War In Ukraine

I am truly saddened that I feel a need to write this post. The invasion of Ukraine and the devastation war brings is the kind of event our organization is designed – in our own small way – to help prevent or perhaps provide a post-event means of healing. There can be no excuse for the recent invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s reckless indiscriminate and intentional destruction of infrastructure, services, and the targeting of civilian lives. Understandably, Ukraine has been forced into a position where they must defend themselves militarily. More than one month into the invasion and where do things stand? Thousands of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers’ lives are gone, thousands more have been irreversibly maimed or injured. These are dads, sons, brothers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles, and best friends who are now gone from those who love them. As of date, 1,000 civilian men, women and children have died. Millions of civilians have been displaced and millions more wonder if they will wake up every morning. Homes and possessions obliterated. It is a challenge to meet the basic human needs of many on a daily basis. Children experience all levels of unfathomable horror. The psychological damage alone will be a traumatic burden they will carry throughout their lifetime. This war must end. Have we as human beings become so ideologically polarized, so entrenched in our personal ambitions that we are willing to literally destroy the lives of others to get what we want? This is not the way. We belong to the same family, we are all related. Dignity, respect, understanding, and compromise must be exercised to achieve a best and most beneficial result for all. Put down your missiles and bombs, stop the killing, and find a solution through dialogue. For our part, we will continue to bring people of difference together through the creation of music while celebrating the many differences that make each of us who we are. Together, this blending of individual identities is capable of creating something magical – beautiful and impactful music and cross-cultural friendships. The magic of music builds a bridge that stretches across politics, geographical spaces, religious beliefs, culture, and color. It has the ability to bring people of difference together like nothing else I have ever experienced. So let the war end and the healing begin for the sake of the people of Ukraine, Russia, and all of mankind. From my personal lens, I wish you peace through music.

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