Reflections on 2019

What an amazing year. With the help of our terrific Board Members, Volunteers, Student Interns, Student Musicians, Supporting Parents, Supporting Organizations, and Sponsors, we have successfully:

  • Completed our Phase I Proof of Concept Project – Colorado and Maryland
  • Completed Phase I Summative Survey and Data Analysis
  • Successfully mixed and mastered Come Home
  • Produced Come Home Phase I music video –
  • Added Dr. Jonathan Cresci to the Board – Director of Audio Production
  • Applied for 80+ grants
  • Received private donations
  • Received grant funds from an anonymous foundation
  • Acquired new mics, tripod, USB audio interfaces and video lighting
  • Produced a fundraising video
  • Developed Instagram site with the assistance of a student team from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Bachelor of Innovation (c/o Dr. Jenifer Roberson)
  • Conducted an analysis and action plan to improve organizational branding, visibility, and attract grant and sponsor funding with research and guidance provided by a graduate student from American University School of International Service (c/o Prof Stephanie Fischer)
  • Recruited Dr. Kelly Laurila (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada), as an Indigenous Culture subject matter expert
  • Changed our mission statement
  • Produced a new informational and topic-related vlog – From A To Global Z: Episode 1 (currently in post-production)
  • Partnered with Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation
  • Established new partnership with George Mason University Law School Arts and Entertainment Clinic (c/o Dr. Sandra Aistars)
  • A team of graduate students from the University of New Mexico Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (c/o Dr. Damien Sanchez) continued work on the creation of a learning management system shell and the design and development of Phase II content with Dr. Jim Honeycutt and Dr. Kelly Laurila
  • A student intern from Academy of the Fine Arts Frederick (c/o Jonathan Kurtz) conducted a characteristics analysis of microphones available to Global Z to be used during future recording projects

Every year I look back on what has been achieved and every year I stare at the computer monitor truly humbled. Five plus years since our beginning, I find myself more humbled than ever.

Our 2020 objectives are numerous and will prove to be highly informative. I hope you will continue to track our progress as we work our way toward offering truly global audio production and community-building projects.

With heart-felt thanks to all who continue in many unique ways to make this organization a reality. I wish you all peace through music and a Healthy & Happy New Year. Cheers.


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