New Partnership With the University of New Mexico

Global Z is designed to operate and conduct its projects and daily operations virtually. While a big part of what we do is make exceptional original music, we also educate, facilitate thoughtful conversation, and develop global friendships. While we are well on our way to testing our virtual recording model, we could use some assistance with designing and developing a solution that allows for virtual discussions, discovery, community building and collaboration.
I am thrilled to announce a new partnership between The Global Z Recording Project and the University of New Mexico’s Organization, Information & Learning Sciences (OILS) program.
Under the guidance of Dr. Damien Sanchez, a student team will collaboratively work with us to design and develop a safe virtual communication, teaching and learning, and collaboration environment that can be applied toward our 2019 Phase II North America Project!
We are honored to be working alongside the fine faculty members and students of New Mexico’s flagship university.

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