Colorado Tech Dry Run a Success!

We had a successful test of our virtual recording technologies between Colorado and Maryland last night. Bradley was on drums at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ new and spectacular Ent Performing Arts Center’s. UCCS has a gorgeous recording studio in the Ent Center, and we are fortunate to have access to their facilities. UCCS IT folks worked with Brad and Dr. Jon to make sure the computers were able to talk with each other.


Bradley set up two overhead mics, a mic on snare and a mic on kick drum. We successfully recorded all 4 tracks virtually, yielding high-quality results. Dr. Jon and I were in Jon’s Live Room in Towson, MD, tracking the session and working toward a better a better understanding of how the virtual pieces fit together. There are a few minor issues to work through, but this experience positions us one step closer toward ensuring our recording sessions will be a smashing success!

Think about it… we just successfully recorded a 4-track session between two computers more than 1600 miles apart and achieved high quality results. How cool is that?!? This was great fun!

Special thanks to Bradley, Dr. Jon Cresci, and the folks at UCCS’ IT department, and the UCCS Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA) program.

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