All the Gear Has Arrived!

The last couple of weeks have been highly anticipatory. I had received all of the gear I ordered with the exception of a pair of sE X1 S microphones. The X1 S mics are brand-spankin’ new – the first run hot off the production line – and the few available reviews on their performance have left many eagerly awaiting their arrival (me included). This past Friday, the pair appeared at my doorstep. Thanks sE Electronics! This completes my grocery list of gear and allows us to move forward with the Phase I, Proof of Concept Project.

While assembling this set of gear, I have also been working to establish a few new and essential partnerships. Things are looking very promising in that regard and I anticipate having some news to report about partnerships in the near future.

Next steps include assembling our esteemed team of subject matter experts to begin working on our virtual socio-educational platform. This is getting exciting, folks!

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