Maryland Phase I Sessions Are Complete!

Wow, this has been an amazing weekend! Saturday and Sunday, The Hampton Inn and Suites by Fort Detrick kindly hosted The Global Z Recording Project. Using virtual recording technologies stretched between Frederick, MD and Towson, MD, we recorded:

  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar
  • bass guitar
  • backing vocals
  • fiddle
  • lead male and female vocals

Hats off to Dr. Jon! Dr. Jonathan Cresci worked long hours with us to troubleshoot the virtual recording technologies and make this possibility a reality. Without a doubt, we learned a great deal and confirmed the model and technology of choice are capable of achieving excellent virtual collaborative recordings.

We are also thankful to receive several microphones to use during the project by sE Electronics, including their brand new sE2300 multi-pattern condenser mic. The quality achieved from use of the sE mics is top-drawer.

In addition, the musicians/vocalists did an incredible job recording their individual parts. The level of talent is quite remarkable.

Next weekend, we record the Colorado session. Hard to believe this project is finally coming together since it has been in the planning stages for more than a decade. The thing is, it has taken the talent and time of so many people to make it a reality.

Global Z is dependent on the kindness and  assistance of others. Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed your time and expertise.

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